Physiosozo Cream
Physiosozo Cream

Physiosozo Cream


Possibly our most outstanding formula ever!

This cream contains Arnica, Hamamelis, Hypericum, Sanicula, Sempervivium, Solidago and Symphytum.

The unique combination of potent herbs in this cream makes it remarkable for treating both sporting injuries and arthritic and rheumatic complaints.
It has been designed specifically to help reduce the risk of injuries and to assist in making a speedy recovery from unavoidable injuries.

  • Strained and sore muscles

  • Pulled or damaged tendons

  • Stiff, painful joints and muscles

  • Bruised, damaged skin

  • General aches and pains

Don't suffer needlessly

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Dont take our word for it, see how others are already benefiting...
After struggling for months with pain in my left arm... I am now pain free. I can honestly say that I felt a difference almost immediately after starting to use the cream.

M.R. (Derbyshire)
This cream is very effective. Not only does it take the pain away but it also brings down the swelling in my knees.

G.T. (Warwickshire)
Although the cream is excellent at taking away pain I would recommend it as a preventative. If I applied the cream at night or before going out walking I was no longer troubled by the pain.

A.N. (Midlands)
I would recommend this cream to anyone. It is a nice product to use and is very comforting. I had excellent results using it on bruised and damaged skin, tendons and ligaments, and relieving muscles stress.

H.D. (West Midlands)
I regularly enjoy long-distance walks... And at the end of the day there is nothing like Physiosozo Cream to ease the aches. A good rub with Physiosozo Cream at the end of the walk and I am ready for anything the next day.

J.B. (Leicestershire)

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