Thuja Cream (thuja occidentalis)
Thuja Cream (thuja occidentalis)

Thuja Cream (thuja occidentalis)


Benefit now from the wonder of Thuja

An extremely effective treatment for equine sarcoids, warts, verrucae and molluscum.

Your pot of safe, natural and strong Thuja cream is handmade, Non poisonous and can be applied to even sensitive areas. Guaranteed not to scar the skin, it causes no itching or burning, as opposed to some methods

Made using best quality herbal tinctures combined with a excellent base to produce a smooth and rich , non-oily cream which rubs in and is absorbed well

Available in three sizes

Purchase your supply now to to see how much it can help you


Check out this great review:

Hi! Just want to say I'm very happy with the Thuja cream! My 4yrs old daughter had a pretty large wart on her foot, I didn't want her to be in any pain when removing it, so decided to give your cream a go. It took over a month to get rid of it, was only using it over night, she would not keep her socks on during the day... it peeled off today with no pain whatsoever with brand new skin underneath. Will definitely recommend it to my family and friends for painless wart removal.

Suggested Usage

Apply Thuja Cream to the affected area two to three times daily as required. Please feel free to contact us for further details on usage.
The cream is commonly used to great effect along with the Homeopathic potency, which is also available in our online shop.

As a family run, private practice, and not just a retail middleman, we can give advice on treatments and the best options for you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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