About Us

BespokeRemedy.Com is the 21st Century online face of our well-established and highly respected Homeopathic practice based in Birmingham, England. As a family run business with well over thirty years experience, we have learned many lessons about how to provide the best possible service to our patients without losing the personal touch.

You can get all of your usual multivitamins, minerals and supplements from us but if that's all you get from us you're missing out, we offer so much more. We specialise in three main areas:

  • We have a huge range of rare and unusual Homeopathic Remedies. If you can't see what you're looking for just ask, we can probably get it for you.
  • Specialised formulas, unique to ourselves, form a key part of our ongoing success in helping our patients. Compliance with UK advertising legislation is importance to us, so this website does not tell the public what all our formulas can do. But you can still benefit from them because of our third specialty.....
  • Completely bespoke recommendations and prescriptions tailored just for you. Working closely with our fully qualified, insured and highly experienced Homeopath means we can provide you with a full service from the comfort of your own home. 

 As a company we are passionate about natural routes to better health and vitality, whether it's mental, physical or emotional health, and are committed to helping you benefit too.


Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel where you can find lots of useful videos with answers to all your questions about Homeopathy

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