What Treatment Options Are there?

We have tried hard to make our consultation options as easy as possible for people to access.

Moving away from traditional sit down, face-to-face consultations has helped to keep costs down and meant that those with busy schedules or ones who struggle to travel can still get the help they need. This more modern approach still maintains all the benefits of a personal consultation with a fully qualified, professional and experienced Homeopath.

You can access this help with any of the following methods:


Free Advice

Alternative treatment, especially Homeopathy, can be very confusing. Choosing the right remedy, at the right potency and taking it at the right frequency can be very complicated. We are happy to provide Free Advice. Just fill in the simple Free Advice form and we will contact you with the help you need to make correct treatment choices.

This form can also be used if you would like to know how to treat certain conditions and ailments, and remember, it's completely FREE!

The Free Advice form can be found here ↓


Free Advice


Telephone Consultations

Booking a Telephone Consultation is our most highly recommended way of getting Homeopathic and Herbal treatment.

The beauty of a telephone consultation is that you can be anywhere: at home, on a lunch break, in the park, in the bath! Anywhere you feel comfortable and at ease. The consultation takes around 45 minutes and you will have the opportunity to talk about all that you feel is relevant to the situation.

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Consultation Questionnaire

  • Want personalised help to treat you as an individual?
  • Confused with the many remedies and varieties?
  • Would you like to have a consultation with an experienced and caring Homeopath but just can't find one?
  • Maybe you are embarrassed discussing you ailments with a stranger?
  • Unable to travel or can't get the time off work?

We have the solution

We have just the answer for you. With our unique in-depth Consultation Questionnaire all these difficulties will no longer stop you getting the personal, professional support you need, as you can have all the benefits of a Homeopathic consultation whenever it's convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home and without any embarrassment.

This convenient, modern solution is given the same standard of care and attention as if you were sitting face-to-face with the Homeopath. The Questionnaire can be downloaded and filled in at your convenience, taking all the time you need to convey your unique situation.

The Consultation Questionnaire and a helpful video can be found here ↓


Consultation Questionnaire


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