Is Homeopathy safe?

Yes, very. Homeopathy is safe to use for children, the elderly, babies, pregnant mothers and animals. Caution is needed though, as many who 'dabble' with self-prescribed remedies can be heavy-handed and aggravate situations inadvertently. 


Is Homeopathy just a placebo? 

Definitely not. The fact that millions and millions of people all over the world regularly and repeatedly use Homeopathy certainly must give some indication of it's effectiveness. It is well known that Homeopathy works extremely well in both babies and animals, neither of which would be effected by a placebo.


How does Homeopathy work? 

This remains something of a mystery and a source of frustration to all involved in Homeopathy. We simply don't fully understand exactly how Homeopathy works. It is thought that Homeopathy works on a submolecular level. Part of preparing a Homeopathic remedy is sucussion which is shaking the remedy with impact on a surface like a leather clad book; it is thought that some form of energy is impregnated into the molecules by doing this.


How should they be stored?

All of our products should be stored in their original containers with the lids securely in place. Keep out of direct sunlight, away from extremes of temperature and away from strong smells, this especially applies to all Homeopathic Remedies and Tinctures


Can they be taken with other prescription and non-prescription medicine?

Ideally all other medication should be avoided as much as possible, but - and we can’t emphasize this enough - Don’t just stop taking any prescribed medicine; to terminate their use, especially abruptly, can be hazardous. You may wish to enlist your GP’s help with gradual withdrawal from your current medication.


Will there be any side effects?

No, there will be no side effects. You may however feel the effects of your body struggling to deal with the disease, which can take the form of an initial worsening of the symptoms.


Can I take these remedies if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

You should certainly never start ‘dabbling’ with self-prescribed remedies if you are pregnant or breast feeding and must always let your Homeopath know if you’re pregnant. Certain herbal tincture should also be avoid at this time, but they will be labelled as such. There is however much that can be done to help make pregnancy a happy and healthy time and to prepare for as easy a delivery as possible.


How long will a prescription last and when should I re-order?

Each item in your prescription will last for different amounts of time. For example, a phial of Pilules will contain approximately 30 doses so will depend on how often you are taking it. We recommend that you follow the prescription for one month, re-ordering items as needed, then review your progress with a Follow-Up Consultation.


What conditions can you treat?

Homeopathy has its place in the treatment of any physical, mental or emotional condition that may occur. Because of the very specific way in which it treats the whole person Homeopathy can assist in conditions which may have their origin in stress or some emotional cause where other methods of treatment have failed. Sometimes it is best used on its own, sometimes we may suggest that some other form of treatment may also be called for. 


Some of the liquid formulas tastes vile. What can I do to make them easier to take?

You know what they say- "It has to taste nasty to do you good"! Most people find that to take the herbal tincture in a small amount of water, say ½-1 wine glass, followed by some plain water to take the taste away is the best policy. In rare cases people find the tinctures a little too strong for their stomach, in that situation I suggest that you leave off the remedy for 48 hrs and then recommence with a small amount at the same frequency and gradually build back up to the full dose. Another thing that helps some people to tolerate the remedies is to take them in sparkling bottled water.

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