Hydrotherapy Bandage Treatment Advice

Used as a medium for delivery of heat and cold to the body, Hydrotherapy has long been used for pain relief, treatment and other therapeutic uses. Hydrotherapy involves a range of methods and techniques, many of which use water as a medium to facilitate thermoregulatory reactions for therapeutic benefit. One technique, called Hydrotherapy Bandage Treatment, is detailed below. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is provided for information only, we do not recommend this treatment. Before attempting first seek professional, personal medical advice.


Hydrotherapy Bandage Treatment Method

Items required: -

1 light cotton gauze bandage

1 woolen bandage or scarf

1 safety pin

1 bowl very cold water

Natural fibre night clothes


Give the patient a hot bath (with mustard powder if available).

Soak the light cotton gauze bandage in the water. Dry the patient straightaway; don't allow them to get cold. Quickly squeeze the excess water from the bandage without warming it too much with your hands, and wrap it around the chest (not too tight!), wrap the wool bandage or scarf around over the gauze bandage and pin in place.

After dressing the patient in the natural fibre nightclothes put them to bed (no hot water bottle or electric blanket) and insist that they stay covered up. Any initial shivering will pass quickly and the patient should sleep now if possible.

Ideally leave the bandage treatment in position until the patient awakens when it should be removed and will be found to be virtually dry and may even be soiled. Whilst sleeping the fever should pass and profuse sweating commence - your job is done. This process can be repeated daily as required if the symptoms return.

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