Food allergies: From Milk to Monkey Nuts

In my last blog I was chatting about allergies and Summer allergies; Hay fever in particular.

Now lets consider other types of allergies and intolerance.

We tend to think of mainly food allergies, dairy and nut being the most well known. However, I have found that people can become intolerant and allergic to virtually any substance they come into contact with.

Here is a list of just some: House dust, House dust mite, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Milk, Dairy products generally, Specific nuts, Nuts generally, Wheat, Gluten, Rice, Yeast (in food), Mold, Fruit (particularly fruits like apples which retain the flower as part of the fruit.)

You may identify with one or more of these or it might be that you are thinking “He should have added……..” and I probably should!

As a general rule of thumb the key to treating allergies of any sort is two fold. First, gradually raise the tolerance though exposure and second, whilst doing that bolster the immune system. (Cases where the reaction is so sever it has become an auto immune reaction, where the immune system is attacking itself, should be handled differently.)

Homeopathy is brilliant at raising the tolerance to the offending substance because of the method of production, whereby there is not one single molecule of the original substance left, merely its pattern. Thus by taking the homeopathic potency of the substance, i.e. peanuts, there is no risk of a dangerous reaction, but the sufferer gradually learns to tolerate a greater exposure.

Raising the immune system is done by an ongoing use of the formula Immunosozo. This formula is normally taken as drops on the tongue but can also be made in pill form. Immunosozo

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