The Homeopathic Dectective

A Homeopath, in fact any doctor, deals with cases and events in people’s lives on a daily basis which are fascinating, complex and intriguing. It is a bit like being a detective trying to solve a mystery, you have to see patterns in seemingly insignificant and apparently unconnected symptoms and actions which provide the clues to finding a true cure.

People are interested in other people, what happens to them and especially their private lives. Therefore it has many times be suggested that I write about some of the common, and not so common, cases which present in my surgery. Having run my own busy practice for nearly 30 years I have many fascinating cases and well-developed observations which have enthralled my colleagues and friends on many occasions.

In this blog I will relate for you some of those intriguing cases and quandaries I have encountered. Obviously, whilst describing the salient facts, I will do so in such a way as to describe a case or a typical patient without giving away anything to compromise the patient’s confidentiality.

We will also regularly add details of products you may find useful and other information you can benefit from, including the occasional discount.  Check in often for the latest post.

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