Yucky Nails & Pongy Feet: Part 2

In a previous post I told you of my journey of discovery regarding feet and nails, well here are some of the valuable lessons I learned, I hope they help you.


  • ONYCHAUSIS – hypertrophy of the nail plate,
  • ONYCHATROPIA – atrophy of the nail plate
  • ONYCHOMADESIS – separation of the nail plate from the bed.
  • ONYCHOMYCOSIS – fungal infection of the nail plate.
  • Etc. etc. etc.

I acknowledge that there are treatments available from G.P.s and pharmacies, which may or may not work in the long term. The safety of such and their possible effect on the liver are not the subject of this blog and you should do your own homework before considering these options.

The problem with treating any toenail condition is that toenails take so very long to grow!

As you can tell by the frequency that you have to cut your toenails as opposed to your fingernails, toenails grow slowly. In fact it may be as long as two years from root to tip in some people. Therefore any condition is established before it manifests itself. Any treatment must be maintained assiduously for a considerable time before its effect can be assessed. We are back to the patient patient pun.


So, 37 years later, what conclusions have I reached to pass on to you dear long suffering blog reader?

I do have a few, but with all of them, if you’re treating nails persistence and patience is the key.

Fungal Nail:

Thuja 6c  three times a day.

Topically apply undiluted Tea Tree oil and then cover with Structural Integrity Formula Cream.

Athletes Foot:

In all cases apply Calendula tincture twice daily:

Also for specific variations:

Excessive perspiration : Silica (Silicea) 6c three times daily

Fetid, cold clammy : Baryta carb 6c three times daily

Excessive perspiration of soles and palms : Selenium 6c three times daily

Offensive odour with excessive perspiration : Staphisagria  6c three times daily or Nitric ac  6c three times daily

Profuse, copious sweating : Merc sol 6c three times daily

Its also worth considering that if your body is struggling to get mastery over any external fungal growth, it may be that it is an indication of an internal fungal overgrowth such as Candida Albicans. In which case consider the following:

Candida albicans 30c one pill daily


That’s it for this time folks.

If you are going to ask for another topic, please give me an easier one next time!

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