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Yucky Nails & Pongy Feet: Part 2

In a previous post I told you of my journey of discovery regarding feet and nails, well here are some of the valuable lessons I learned, I hope they help you. THE PROBLEM WITH NAILS ONYCHAUSIS – hypertrophy of the nail plate, ONYCHATROPIA – atrophy of the nail plate ONYCHOMADESIS – separation of the nail plate from the bed. ONYCHOMYCOSIS – fungal infection of the nail plate. Etc. etc. etc. I acknowledge that there are treatments available from G.P.s and pharmacies, which may or may not work in the long term. The safety of such and their possible effect on the liver are not the subject of this blog and you should do your own homework before considering these options....

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Yucky Nails & Pongy Feet: Part 1

When I was talked into starting to write a blog I was assured that it would be just a case of writing interesting stuff about my experiences as a homeopath. So I merrily set of writing about things that I found curious, with the idea that if anyone ever did read it, they too might find it amusing or even interesting. Little did I realize that, not only would people read it but then someone would ask for a topic to be covered. Not just any topic but Fungal nails and Athletes foot. In previous blogs I have referred to the practice of homeopathy as being a bit like detective work.  As we all know, one very famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes...

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