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Allergies: Hay Fever

Of all allergies Hay Fever is probably the easiest to control and, in many cases, to cure. Many years ago a colleague friend of mine from Sweden shared with me the result of his research that he had refined into a standard One-Size-Fits-All (or nearly all) treatment for Hay Fever. I have been using this method with my patients ever since, and in most cases it not only will control the symptoms immediately but also with annual use progressively cures the condition. We have named this method Formula - HF and it consists of three phials. The first addresses the Miasm underlying all such allergies. (The topic of Miasms is a deep and complex one, but in a nutshell a Miasm...

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This time of year always brings with it the woes of Seasonal Allergies, Allergic Rhinitis, Food Allergies and good old-fashioned Hay Fever. I use the description flippantly because Hay Fever isn't so old-fashioned is it? Whilst there have always been some people who have had allergic reactions of one degree and another to allergens, over the 30+ years I have been in practice I have seen an explosion in allergies, and especially the severest forms including anaphylactic shock. Why? This is where the detective work comes in. On close questioning, a parent who tells you that her child has “always” reacted will say that actually the baby was fine up until 3, 4 or 6 months etc.  So why would...

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